Publications of Dr. John W. Kleinig


Articles in Lutheran Theological Journal

1983    “The Banquet of Wisdom. An Exegetical Study of Proverbs 9:1-12.” Lutheran Theological Journal 17/1, 24-28.

“The Holy Way. An Exegetical Study of Isaiah 35:1-10.” Lutheran Theological Journal 17/3, 115-20.

1985    “Luther on the Christian's Participation in God's Holiness.” Lutheran Theological Journal19/1, 21-29.

1986   “The Kindled Heart. Luther on Meditation.” Lutheran Theological Journal Christo et Ecclesiae. Studies in Honour of H.P. Hamann on his 70th Birthday 20/2&3, 142-54.

1987    “On Eagles' Wing: An Exegetical Study of Exodus 19:2-8.” Lutheran Theological Journal 21/1, 18-27.

1988    “Witting or Unwitting Ritualists.” Lutheran Theological Journal 22/1, 13-22.

1989    “The Nature and Use of the Charismata.” Lutheran Theological Journal 23/1, 32-36.

1992    “What's the Use of Naming God?” Lutheran Theological Journal 26, 27-33.

1993    “Some Theological Principles for the Interpretation of the Holy Scriptures.” Lutheran Theological Journal 27/2, 73-79.

1994    “Mother Zion - Mother Church.” Lutheran Theological Journal 28/2 50-57.

1995    “Scripture, and the Exclusion of Women from the Pastorate (I).” Lutheran Theological Journal 29/2, 74-81.

“Scripture, and the Exclusion of Women from the Pastorate (II).” Lutheran Theological Journal 29/3, 123-29.

1999    “The Blood for Sprinkling: Atoning Blood in Leviticus and Hebrews.” Lutheran Theological Journal 33/3, 124-35.

2002    “Ministry and Ordination.” Lutheran Theological Journal 36/1, 25-37.

2004    “What’s the Use of Praising God?” Lutheran Theological Journal 38/2, 76-88.

2005    “Ordered Community: Order and Subordination in the New Testament,” Lutheran Theological Journal 39:2/3, 196-209.

2007    “Paul Gerhardt as a Singer of Lutheran Spirituality.” Lutheran Theological Journal   43/3, 167-179.

2009    ‘Pastoring by blessing’, Lutheran Theological Journal 43/1, 28-38.

2010    ‘The Work of the Holy Spirit in Worship.’ Lutheran Theological Journal 44/1, 15-22.

2014    'Luther on the Practice of Piety', Lutheran Theological Journal 48/3, 172-185.


Articles in Other Journals

1985   "The Elusiveness of Happiness" Tangara 1985, 16-17.

1992    “The Attentive Heart. Meditation in the Old Testament.” Reformed Theological Review 51, 50-63.

“The Indwelling Word. Meditation in the New Testament.” Reformed Theological Review 51,81-90.

“The Divine Institution of the Lord's Song in Chronicles.” Journal of the Study of the Old Testament 55, 75-83.

1994    “The Biblical View of Worship.” Concordia Theological Quarterly 58/4, 225-54.

"Recent Research in Chronicles.” Currents In Research: Biblical Studies 2, 43-76.

1995    “Sharing in God's Holiness.” Lutheran Theological Review 8:1/2,105-18.

1997    “A Case For Chastity.” Logia VI/2, 23-27.

1997/8 “The Ordination of Women and the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity.” Lutheran Theological Review 10,” 48-56.

1999    “Worship and the Full Assurance of Faith,” Tangara, 5-7.

2000    “Bach, Chronicles, and Church Music.” Logia 9/3, 7-10.

2001    “Meditation.” Logia 10/2, 45-50.

2002    Oratio, Meditatio, Tentatio: What Makes a Theologian?” Concordia Theological Quarterly 66/3: 255-67.

2003    “The Lord’s Supper as a Sacrificial Banquet.” Logia 12/1, 11-16.

2005-6 “The Subordination of the Exalted Son to the Father,’ Lutheran Theological Review 18, 41-52.

2007    “Worship and the Way of Holiness,” Logia 16/1, 5-8.

2007/8 ‘Paul Gerhardt as a Teacher of Lutheran Spirituality, 1. Singing with Devotion,’ Lutheran Theological Review 20, 39-55.

‘Paul Gerhardt as a Teacher of Lutheran Spirituality, 2. Singing the Devil Away,’ Lutheran Theological Review 20, 56-66.

2009    “Maintaining the Lifeline of the Church: Pastoral Education for the Ministry of the   Spirit with the Word.” Concordia Theological Quarterly 73/1, 3-15.



Articles in Books

1998    “Sasse on Worship.” In John R Stephenson and Thomas M Winger (eds), Hermannn Sasse: A Man For Our Times. Concordia, St Louis, 106-22.

       "The Use of the Tractate 26 to Promote the Ordination of Women" in Matthew C. Harrison and John T. Pless (eds), Women Pastors? The Ordination of Women in Biblical Lutheran Perspective: A Collection of Essays, Third Edition, Concordia Publishing House, St Louis, 197-199.

2000    “The Mystery of Doxology.”InPaul T. McCain and John R. Stephenson, Mysteria Dei. Essays in Honor of Kurt Marquart. Concordia Theological Seminary Press: Fort Wayne, 129-47.

“Singing with Grace in our Hearts. The Function of Hymnody in its Cultural Context.” In J. Bart Day and others (eds.), Teach Me Thy Way, O Lord.. Essays in Honor of Glen Zweck.” The Zweck Festschrift Committee: Housten, 103-17.

“Where Is Your God? Luther On God’s Self-Localisation.” In Dean O. Wenthe and others(eds.), All Theology Is Christology. Essays in Honor of David P. Scaer.Concordia Theological Seminary Press: Fort Wayne, 117-31.

“The Incarnation and Music.” In Marian Free and others (eds.), That our Joy may be Full. Essays on the Incarnation for the New Millennium. Openbook: Adelaide, 69-79.

2002    “The Liturgical Heritage of Theodor Kliefoth.” In J. Bart Day and others (eds), Lord Jesus Christ, Will You Not Stay. Essays in Honor of Ronald Feuerhahn on the Occasion of his Sixty-Fifth Birthday. The Feuerhahn Festschrift Committee: Houston, 105-20.

2005    “Disciples but not Teachers: 1 Corinthians 14:33b-38 and 1 Timothy 2:11-15,” Ordination of women: Interdenominational Perspectives. Interface 8/2. Edited by   Cathy Thompson and Vic Pfitzner. Adelaide, ATF Press, 48-61.

2014    "The Mystery of Christ and Cosmic Restoration", The Restoration of Creation in Christ. Essays in Honor of Dean Wenthe. Edited by Arthur A. Just Jr. and Paul J. Grime. Concordia Publishing House: St Louis, 2014.

Unpublished Papers and Sermons

1981    The Getting of Wisdom: A study in the theology of Proverbs (Master's dissertation)

1986    The Gift of Prayer

1987    Open Entrance into the Heavenly Sanctuary: Hebrews 10:19-25

1990    Bearers of the Blessing and the Curse: Bible Study on Deuteronomy 11:13-32

1998    The Validity of Consecration by a Female Pastor

The blood of Jesus: Preaching on Hebrews in Lent

1999    Worship and the Mission of the Church

2000    The Real Presence and Liturgical Preaching

2003    The Divine Service in the Pentateuch - Notes for a class at St Catharine's, Ontario

2004    A Sermon on Hebrews 12

2005    "The Mystery of Christ and the Divine Service." Unpublished paper given at Higher Things Conference, St Louis, 19-22 July 2005.

2009    Lay Presidency

2009    Unashamed Ministry (updated November 2015)

2009    'Heaven Now Open: Lutheran Liturgical Theology' Extended Notes from a presentation given at the Ainsworth Symposium, 20-23 September 2009.

2013    'The Glory and The Service: Worship in the Old Testament'

     This substantial document is a transcript of lectures given at Westfield House, Cambridge in 1989. It has been updated with a new preface by Dr Kleinig in July 2013.

2013     Holding the Mystery of Faith with a Good Conscience

2014     Liturgy and the Delivery of a Good Conscience

2015     The Beauty of Chastity and Models of Marriage

These two papers formed the bases of presentations given at a Doxology Insight Conference in St Louis, August 12-13, 2015