Old Testament Theology

This popular and considered course was taught at ALC for many years. While there are presently some technical difficulties uploading the first lectures, we hope to overcome the obstacles. The course notes can be downloaded here and copies of the overhead slides can be downloaded here.

Lecture 1a (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 1b (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 2a (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 2b (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 3a (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 3b (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 4a (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 4b (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 5a (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 5b (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 6a (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 6b (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 7a (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 7b (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 8a (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 8b (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 9a (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 9b (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 10a (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 10b (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 11a (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 11b (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 12a (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 12b (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 13a (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 13b (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 14a (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 14b (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 15a (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 15b (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 16a (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 16b (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 17a (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 17b (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 18a (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 18b (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 19a (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 19b (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 20a (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 20b (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 21a (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 21b (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 22a (mp3/mp4)

Lecture 22b (mp3/mp4)