Introduction to Worship

This course was taught to first year students at ALC, with a course book that can be downloaded here. The course is only partially available at the time being, but all lectures will be available in the future.

Lecture 1a (audio/video)

Lecture 1b (audio/video)

Lecture 2a (audio/video)

Lecture 2b (audio/video)

Lecture 3a (audio/video)

Lecture 3b (audio/video)

Lecture 4a (audio/video)

Lecture 4b (audio/video)

Lecture 5a (audio/video)

Lecture 5b (audio/video)

Lecture 6a (audio/video)

Lecture 6b (audio/video)

Lecture 7a (audio/video)

Lecture 7b (audio/video)

Lecture 8a (audio/video)

Lecture 8b (audio/video)

Lecture 9a (audio/video)

Lecture 9b (audio/video)

Lecture 10a (audio/video)

Lecture 10b (audio/video)

Lecture 11a (audio/video)

Lecture 11b (audio/video)