Occasional Lecture Series

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'An introduction to worship and daily chapel'

Each year as new students begin studies at Australian Lutheran College there is a week of orientation. During that week students participate in various introductory sessions to life at ALC. Part of this orientation is an introduction to worship and daily chapel from Dr Kleinig as dean of Chapel. It is a little gem.     

'An introduction to Christian worship and daily chapel' (mp3)


'Pastoring as blessing' - ALC inaugural lecture, 2009

Each year one of the professors of Australian Lutheran College delivers an inuagural lecture to begin the academic year. The following is Dr Kleinig's lecture from 2009. 

Pastoring as blessing (mp4/mp3)


Levticus at Fort Wayne

These lectures were given at an in-service to pastors at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, USA.

Leviticus 1 (mp3)

Leviticus 2 (mp3)

Leviticus 3 (mp3)

Leviticus 4 (mp3)

Leviticus 5 (mp3)

Leviticus 6 (mp3)

Leviticus 7 (mp3)

Leviticus 8 (mp3)

Leviticus 9 (mp3)

Leviticus 10 (mp3)

Leviticus 11 (mp3)

Leviticus 12 (mp3)

Sermon on Leviticus 26.1-13 (mp3)


Grace upon Grace at Langmeil

These talks were given at Langmeil Lutheran Church on 18 June 2011.

1 Meditation (mp3)

2 Meditation (mp3)

3 Prayer (mp3)

4 Prayer and Questions (mp3)

5 Holiness (mp3)


Preaching on Hebrews

On 20 June 2012 Dr Kleinig spoke to a Ministers' Fraternal on preaching in Hebrews.

The pdf outline to his talk is here.

Here is the audio:

Preaching Hebrews in Lent - The Blood of Christ 1 (mp3)

Preaching Hebrews in Lent - The Blood of Christ 2 (mp3)

Preaching Hebrews in Lent - The Blood of Christ 3 (mp3)

Preaching Hebrews in Lent - The Blood of Christ 4 (mp3)

You may also be interested in a lecture outline from a similar series of talks delivered in 1998 in Minnesota. The Blood of Jesus (pdf).


Ecclesiastes - Joy for Workaholics

The Seven Counsels of Enjoyment in Ecclesiastes

Bible Study for St John’s, Wheaton, 20 October 2012

Ecclesiastes - Joy for workaholics 1 (mp3)

Ecclesiastes - Joy for workaholics 2 (mp3)

Ecclesiastes - Study Notes (pdf)


Exodus - From Slavery to Divine Service

From August 29 - September 2, 2011, Dr Kleinig delivered these talks at Mount Zion Lutheran Church, Castle Rock.

In Exodus God institutes the divine service for the Israelites at the tabernacle and establishes them as His holy people, a unique liturgical community dependent on Him for its existence. 

In fact, He had rescued them from slavery Pharaoh and the Egyptian gods so that He could be their God, dwell in their midst and meet with them daily in the divine service to bless them and share His holiness with them. 

This course will examine the book of Exodus as a founding story for Israel and discuss its relevance for the theology and performance of the divine service in the Lutheran church.

Exodus 1 (mp3)

Exodus 2 (mp3)

Exodus 3 (mp3)

Exodus 4 (mp3)

Exodus 5 (mp3)

Course notes (pdf)

You may also like to check out the substantial document 'The Glory and The Service: Worship in the Old Testament' (pdf), found also in the Publications page.


The Ongoing Reception of the Holy Spirit

Dr. Kleinig gave this talk at a seminar at St John's Lutheran Church in Wheaton, Illinois on 12 October 2013:

Heavenly power for earthly work: the ongoing reception of the Holy Spirit (mp3)


ABC Radio - Bach, The Evangelist

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) asked Dr. Kleinig to be a part of a broadcast on J.S. Bach. You can listen to, or download, the audio here.

You can find a link to the ABC website, including a transcript of the program here.


DOXOLOGY The Lutheran Center for Spiritual Care and Counsel

Each year, Dr. Kleinig travels to the USA for a series of presentations and lectures. Many of these are done through the Doxology institute, who have posted videos of some of his talks here. They can be accessed in full following a free registration.

Topics include: Dealing with Anger, Dealing with Spiritual Abuse, The Use of Blessing in Pastoral Care, Daily Sanctification, and The Family Altar.


The Spiritual Disciplines

These talks were given to the LCMS Michigan District Pastors' Conference in 2013. You can find them at this page.