Welcome to the site dedicated to making available the talks, lectures, and papers of John W. Kleinig, Lutheran pastor and teacher.

This site is being developed by some of Dr Kleinig's former students who have been given his permission to proceed. We have lots of material that we are working to make available in the future. As such, the whole site is a work in progress and we hope to upload more material in the future.

Please send us an email at johnkleinigresources at gmail dot com to be kept in the loop as the project develops, or for any other feedback. Please also use this email address if you wish to make a donation towards to the equipment purchased to record lectures.

All lectures remain the property of Australian Lutheran College and are made available here with permission.

January 2014 Updates

A new 'Q and A' page has been added.

Substantial course notes are now available for download for each of the 'Full Courses'.

N.B. Recently our project to publish the video and audio of the rest of Dr. Kleinig's courses has encountered some technical issues. There have been some significant costs in data recovery. If you, or someone you know, is benefiting from this site and if you're in a position to contribute, any amount towards recouping these costs would be very welcome. Email johnkleinigresources@gmail.com to arrange for a donation.

Special News

In October 2013, Dr Kleinig was presented with a Festschrift in his honour. This collection of essays and hymns is edited by John R. Stephenson and Thomas M. Winger and can be purchased here. If you'd like to read more, Pastor Dave Petersen and Professor John Pless have reviewed the book.